Daily Freight Tranport in the Baltics


Client comfort

Ensure coherent and convenient delivery of goods

High operativeness

Ensure that transportation of any goods - delivery of consolidated cargoes, carriage of dangerous goods, oversized transportation – would be carried out as expeditiously as possible


Reduce costs of cargo trucking and make this service the most advantageous for the customer

Transportation Options


Vans, load capacity up to 1,5 tons, total cargo volume up to 10 m3, accommodates 4 europallets


Tilt-covered trucks, rigid body trucks, load capacity 4 to 8 tons, cargo volume 25 to 55 m3, accommodation of 15 to 20 europallets, optional equipment: lift and pallet jack to deliver cargoes directly to their destination

Trucks etc.

Trucks, road trains, refrigerators, load capacity is 24 tons, cargo volume from 92 to 120 m3, accommodation of 38 europallets

We are using trucks of small and medium load capacity for local regional transportation in an effort to make our logistics services most convenient and advantageous for the customer. But if necessary, trucks of bigger capacity and larger dimensions are also involved.

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